Driver Resources


DAC Report

DAC (Drive-A-Check) The DAC report includes vital information about your employment history.

PSP Score

PSP (Pre-Employment Screening Program) This is your driver safety record, reported by the FMCSA .

MVR Report

MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) This report contains your personal and CDL A driving report.

Police Report

Police reports contain a vast amount of information pertaining to past motor vehicle accidents.

DAC Report  DAC (Drive-A-Check). A truck driver’s DAC report is an important document for every American trucker. The DAC report includes vital information about truck drivers’: employment history, including

  • previous employers
  • reasons for leaving previous jobs
  • job-related accidents
  • accident details
  • pre-employment test results
  • rehire eligibility

You can request your free copy once a year. Like your credit report, if you find any errrors, you can dispute and then correct them. 

PSP stands for ‘Pre-Employment Screening Program’.  This is your safety record. Your PSP report includes five (5) years of crash reports and three (3) years of roadside inspection data from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

MVR (Motor Vehicle Report). This report that contains information regarding your personal and CDL A driving record, including any tickets and/or accidents you may have been charged with during your driving history.

Police reports contain a vast amount of information pertaining to motor vehicle accidents, and is therefore a valueable driver resource. Before leaving the scene of an accident, the investigating officer typically will hand you a reciept with the ID number for the police report.